Monday, February 13

Memories from my old phone

Two days before I left for Jordan last August, my sister broke her phone.  I figured because I wasn't going to use mine for four months, I would give it to her.  I went through all my saved texts and photos and emailed them to myself.  Almost six months later, I went through the folder where I saved them.  Most of the texts had been cut off, but I mostly remembered what they said and who they were from.   Some of the texts were from the people who were important to me last summer, but I'm not close with anymore.  It was fun to read the texts and remember how I used to feel about those friendships.  It's just part of being this age.  In six months I'll feel the same way about the people I spend most of my time with now.  On the other hand, some friendships stick.  The people who are the most important in my life, my best friends and family, were there six months ago and will still be there in another six months.

Some gems:

"I hope things work out with him.  He matches your attractiveness level better than the last guy."
"Wait you dont know how to ride a bike?  i promise that im not making fun of you but that is amazing"
"it really funny because some people just cant understand how you could spell things wrong and then there are other people like me how cant figure out how to spell things right"
me-"I'm a horrible person!  I'll be there at 8:15"
friend- "820...where is the horrible person? I want her here with me."
"I just want you to know that i think you're pretty much super amazing!! Hope you're having a great day today:)"

And here is the picture dump

My adorable sister with the husky dog that she drew

A screw that I found in my sandwich on a date last year.  Even though I almost lost some teeth, we got a refund and free dessert, and it turned out to be one of my favorite dates.

Riley doing the chicken dance at a Passover dinner

Charmo in my laundry basket

My desk!

I stole my friend's watch for a week and have been wanting to own a man's watch ever since

My amazing work friends decorated my desk for my birthday with Winnie the Pooh because I was the office baby

Char again

Char with her Ukrainian headdress.  

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